Three Practices: Sabbath & Self-Care & Service

These three practices are the recipe for a flourishing life. Sabbath is not so much about rest but about a way of life that is woven with wonder and awe. By practicing some kind of sabbath [...]

Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter (IRWS)

At the Intersection of Church & Society Davis’ Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter (IRWS) Intake Team IRWS is looking for volunteers for the upcoming cold-weather season. Intake Team volunteer [...]

2017 Davis Community Church Gift Project

We are beginning our 19th year of Christmas gifts to children on our society’s margins and to our unsheltered friends. I hope this project is one that your groups, book clubs, small groups, [...]

Stephen Ministers – The After People

….after the phone call you hoped you’d never receive. …. after friends & family have heard your story too many times, but you still need to talk. ….after the relationship. [...]

Preparing for Winter Solstice: Honoring Darkness & Light

  Preparing for Winter Solstice: Honoring Darkness & Light with Brenda Mohr & Elizabeth Fulmer Tuesday, Dec 19 6:30 – 8:30 pm Fireside Room, 412 C Street, Davis $40 includes all [...]