Ballot Propositions Forum with Timm Herdt

Sunday, October 21 at noon Fireside Room Election Day is November 6. Once again California voters are called upon to become lawmakers by deciding the fates of 11 statewide ballot propositions. [...]

Young Adults: Oh Yay! It’s Wednesday!

A place where we can come together and be real and authentic about what it means to live and love and struggle and succeed. “Oh Yay! It’s Wednesday” is a supper club for younger [...]

College Ministry 2018-19

Cal Aggie Christian Association (CA House) is our on-campus ministry to college students with dinner and programs on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Christian Dinner & Worship at CA House [...]

Compassion, Peace & Justice Ministry

From Pastor Mary Westfall Compassion, Peace, and Justice (CPJ) Ministry Welcomes You One of the vital areas in the life of our congregation is the Compassion, Peace and Justice Ministry.  This [...]