2019 Lenten Book Study: The Gifts of Dark Wood

The Gifts of the Dark Wood: Meeting God in the Dark Times by Eric Elnes

Lenten Book Study Guide: 2019-lenten-guide.

Each year our faith community engages a book that supports our life together, challenges us toward greater involvement in our communities, and gives us a way to connect with each other relationally. This year, we’re reading Gifts of the Dark Wood: Seven Blessings for Soulful Skeptics (and Other Wanderers) by pastor, author, and speaker, Eric Elnes.

The Dark Wood is an archetypal symbol of that place feared and often avoided, and yet, it’s the surest place to meet God and find our truest selves. It is the place we feel lost, tempted, troubled, alone, and often afraid.  But if we enter that place, the Christian story tells us, we can experience a profound awakening to meaning, purpose, and wellbeing.  Says Phyllis Tickle, “Gifts of the Dark Wood is a perfect guide for any soul making its way through twenty-first-century reality.”

One of DCC’s six new congregational strategies is to “cultivate spiritual practices that promote experiences of soulful flourishing.”  You may or may not be a “Soulful Skeptic” but you likely seek to flourish body, mind, and soul. This year’s Lenten journey will carry you through whatever Dark Wood you may find yourself in or near, and into a more robust experience of the divine in your life.

Small group discussion groups include two drop-in groups:

~ Sundays at 9:40 am in the Fireside Room
~ Mondays at 3 pm in the Library

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