Church History in Pictures

This page is based on a talk by Dennis Dahlin in 2016.   EARLY DAVIS 1869 – Local residents started the Davisville Presbyterian Church in 1869. Services were held in the blacksmith [...]


Part One of Usui Reiki First Degree Reiki Foundation training provides you with the ability to give yourself self-treatment – Reiki at your fingertips! This half-day [...]

Choosing Hope: DCC’s Elders Seek to Discern DCC’s Future

Greetings Community! We are living through tumultuous times. Old institutions are failing, our trust in organizations is fading, and the fabric of our society is strained nearly to the breaking [...]

Tom Stahl

Tom Stahl is DCC’s organist/accompanist. Tom started playing the organ when he was five years old, growing up in Pennsylvania. He studied with the same organ teacher until he left at age 18 [...]

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