Individual half-hour sessions offered for two participants by two practitioners. Sessions offered on massage table (fully clothed) or seated in a lovely environment. Reiki is offered through [...]

Church History in Pictures

This page is based on a talk by Dennis Dahlin in 2016.   EARLY DAVIS 1869 – Local residents started the Davisville Presbyterian Church in 1869. Services were held in the blacksmith [...]

Tom Stahl

Tom Stahl is DCC’s organist/accompanist. Tom started playing the organ when he was five years old, growing up in Pennsylvania. He studied with the same organ teacher until he left at age 18 [...]

This Week at DCC

Friday, June 15 12 noon         Friday Faith & Food (C Street Patio) 3:00 pm        What Happens After We Die (RSVP to 758-5566, Fellowship Hall) 6:00 pm        Kingston’s 50th Anniversary [...]