Who am I Now?

Uncover your deepest values and wishes so you can focus on what you truly want to make time for in your life now. This is an offering of Core Alignment Coaching.

Contemplative Practices Retreat

We often hear that contemplative practices bring peace and calm into our lives. If you don't know how to practice and are interested in learning different techniques of contemplation, sign up [...]

Dream Workshop- FULL

Dream Workshop with Jim Goss. You won't be told about your dreams you will discover through your dreams more deeply what is in your soul.

Blue Mountain Center Meditation

The Davis Satsang welcomes anyone interested in the teachings of Eknath Easwaran, who taught passage meditation for 40 years and founded the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation (BMCM.) Taking the [...]

Davis Wellness Sanctuary

  Gentle support for caregivers and friends. Services include: Tandem Reiki/Massage for 2 Reiki & gentle massage sessions offered in tandem – 2 practitioners, 2 recipients and an hour of [...]

Reiki: Bienestar en la palma de tu mano

Reiki: Bienestar en la Palma de tu Mano — Wellness in the Palm of Your Hand   First Friday Reiki sessions with Jazmin Diaz! Half hour sessions offered at  10:15, 11:00 & 11:45a.m. [...]

Men’s Talk Circle

We know that talking-aloud of matters that carry importance, helps us to bring clarity to our inner work. Being both seen and heard, helps us to listen to our own reflections, while free from [...]

Centering Prayer Fellowship Group

Centering Prayer is a practice of silent prayer which is based on contemplative practices of early Christians. Individual responses vary and this prayer of the heart can be an enriching [...]