Back-to-School: Davis Child Spree

DCC works annually to support the Davis Child Spree, an effort by the local Salvation Army to provide back-to-school clothes for children who might not otherwise have clothes for the new school year. We serve as shopping companions to children as they select clothes and shoes appropriate for school. Lots of fun for both the kids and for their adult companions!

How It Works:
When: Saturday, August 26th
7:15 – 9:30 am  or 7:45 – 10 am.
We will have two shifts. If you have a preference on time, please state your preference. Otherwise, we will evenly distribute our volunteers between the two time slots. 
Where: JC Penny’s at Woodland County Fair Mall, 1264 E. Gibson Rd.
Who: Anyone over the age of 21 that would like to volunteer
How to sign up: Simply e-mail Lindsay Smith at

Please feel free to send this on to friends or family members over the age of 21 that are interested in volunteering.

Thank you!

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