Spiritual Formation: Dreams, Food & Faith, Non-Violent Communication

Sunday, May 20 at 9:40 am in the Library
Dreams: Encountering God’s Direction for Your Life
Facilitator: Dr. Jim Goss

If you would be interested in being in an ongoing dream workshop that provides methods to work on your dreams and to inculcate their meanings into your life, come to the morning session to hear about the workshop, how it will function, and when it will meet. Working with dreams, according to Jim, is a method for soul making–a way to encounter God’s direction for your life.

Sunday May 20, 12 noon in the Fireside Room
Faith & Food: A Simple Approach to Vegan Cuisine & Its Health Benefits
Facilitator: Martha Teeter

The Faith & Food conversation that began in April will continue with a simple how-to about vegan cuisine. Martha Teeter will discuss her transition to eating vegan and present a way she finds to organize a balanced vegan diet for optimal health.

A key element of this approach is a Daily Dozen checklist of whole plant foods to eat that promote optimal health.  This list was developed by an MD who’s grandmother made a remarkable recovery from incurable heart disease when placed on a plant based diet.  He has devoted his medical career to finding out the best controlled, double-blind scientific research on the health effects of food.  Dr. Michael Greger founder of nutritionfacts.org demonstrates that a whole plant food diet can ameliorate the 15 leading cause premature death, including heart disease and cancer.

Resources will include the Daily Dozen checklist (available as an app), a book about effects of  food on disease, a vegan cookbook, a simple way to put the diet into effect and a few short videos on health benefits.  A vegan snack will be served.

Nonviolent Communication Workshop
Thursdays, May 24 & 31, 6-7:30 pm, in the Fireside Room
Facilitator: Jesse Ortiz 

Do you ever struggle to empathize with others? Would you like to build deeper, more compassionate relationships? Nonviolent Communication (also called Compassionate Communication) is a simple practice that teaches us to address conflict with more empathy and develop more effective and satisfying solutions. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can revolutionize how you build and maintain relationships with family, colleagues, friends, and partners.

DCC congregant Jesse Ortiz will facilitate the two-part workshop on NVC. It’s recommended to attend both workshops, but anyone may come to either session. Childcare is available if requested one week in advance, (530) 753-2894.

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