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From Pastor Mary Westfall
Compassion, Peace, and Justice (CPJ) Ministry Welcomes You
One of the vital areas in the life of our congregation is the Compassion, Peace and Justice Ministry.  This group, formerly known as Church and Society, strives to engage church members and friends in meaningful social justice work that is grounded in faith.  This group is reinventing their methods in order to connect with more people in the congregation and help inspire and support meaningful service involvement.  Our faith tradition emphasizes putting faith into action and that is the focus of CPJ Ministry.
On Janaury 22 and on the 4th Tuesday of each month, Compassion, Peace and Justice meets in the Library.  This gathering is in two parts to which you are invited.
7-7: 45 pm – CPJ Affinity Group 
This gathering is an opportunity to explore the connections between spirituality and service, personal values and social justice work, faith and practice.  Co-facilitated by Pastor Mary and a member of the group, CPJ Affinity offers an alternative informal worship experience, small group discussion, support, and inspiration.
7:45 pm – 8:30 pm  Action Teams
Each evening will feature one or numerous small group gatherings around one of the areas of peace and justice in which the church is engaged (i.e. Environmental Justice, Housing, Immigration/Trip to Border, Disaster Relief, Peace for Palestine,  etc)   Those who gather will hear about an upcoming action or event, help plan a program or service project, or get more information about a timely justice issue.  This is the place for do-ers to come, engage and make a difference.CPJ Ministry is open to all and invites your participation in their Tuesday evening gatherings, the first portion of the evening for inspiration and support, the second portion for action and engagement or both – to really help bring your faith to life!
For more information, please contact Pastor Mary,
Hope to see you soon!
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