Thank you for making a secure donation to Davis Community Church! Your gift equips DCC to care for people and serve the Common Good of the community.  Together, we can make a lasting difference.

To donate by check, please mail your gift payable to “Davis Community Church” to 412 C Street, Davis, CA 95616. Thank you!

The one-time donation option does not require you to sign up.  Simple.  Clean.  Easy.  Contribute to a specific fund or to the general fund of Davis Community Church.  Every amount, big or small, makes a difference.

Recurring donations allow you to make a one-time or recurring payment as well as access to your complete giving history after the account is verified.  The perfect option if you think you might give again in the future.


In their new book,The Paradox of Generosity, sociologists Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson tell us there’s a scientific connection between generosity and happiness. The researchers surveyed 2,000 individuals (comprised of 40 families in 12 different states—from different classes and races) over a five-year period about their spending habits and lifestyles. Participants who identified themselves as “very happy” reported volunteering for 5.8 hours per month.  Those who donated more than 10% of their income also reported lower rates of depression.

What’s more, Smith and Davidson found that participants who were emotionally generous in their relationships (giving love and being emotionally available) were healthier (48%) than those who were not (31%). The point?  Our ability to step outside of ourselves and give to others is an essential ingredient for happiness.

Adam Grant of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania is also among the rising tide of researchers promoting a culture of generosity.  An organizational psychologist, Professor Grant, describes three orientations that describe our giving patterns: givers, takers, and matchers. These patterns affect whether organizations are joyful or toxic for human beings. His studies tell us that practicing generosity—what he calls making “microloans of our knowledge, our skills, our connections to other people”—becomes transformative: for ourselves, other, and the communities around us.

When you give to DCC’s mission and ministry you are not only doing something that research tells us will make you a happier human being, but you are investing in an organization that benefits the lives of people in this community and in other parts of the world.

We invite you to partner with us in making this world a better place.  Your financial investment helps us contribute to the common good here in Davis (and around the world) as we grow more fully into a people of boundless compassion, becoming a house of prayer for all people.



We welcome financial gifts to DCC in worship or via standard mail.  In worship, you can write a check or place money in the offering plate during the Offering time.  If you’d like to designate your gift for a certain area, manila envelopes are available to write the specific fund/area you’d like your donation applied.  Please also write the fund/area in the memo line of your check.

To send a donation through the mail, please use the DCC address:

Davis Community Church
412 C Street
Davis, CA 95616


Electronic giving options include:

One-time or Recurring Donations

One-time or recurring donations may be made using the donation buttons above.  Accepted forms of payment include direct bank account debits, debit cards or credit cards.

Bank Originated Recurring Giving

Bank originated recurring giving can be set up with your bank or by contacting Maria Rodriguez at 530.753.2894 x 103.  This option provides for weekly or monthly checks to be sent automatically.



If want to make a donation to a fund or area not listed:

  1. Please choose the Restricted Donation fund on our donation platform
  2. After you have completed your Restricted Donation transaction, please return and complete the form below.  Your donation will then be applied to the fund or area requested. Please do not send any bank or credit card information in this email.
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