Frontera de Cristo Border Ministry

Thirty years ago the Mexican Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church of the U.S.A. established a cooperative ministry at the U.S./Mexican border near Douglas, AZ and Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico.
Mission co-workers, Rev. Mark Adams and Miriam Moldanado Escobar are directors of Frontera de Cristo on the U.S. side along with a colleague in Mexico. Davis Community Church is in partnership with the Adams/Moldanodo family in this work.

The work of Frontera de Cristo includes new church development, permaculture, health ministries, and community and economic development. A migrant resource center on the Mexico side of the border has received thousands of people deported from the United States providing hospitality and a place to stay while they sort out what comes next. The Cafe Justo was opened in June, 2016, providing a safe place away from drugs and alcohol. It also provides
job training and a market for coffee that is grown, harvested, roasted and sold by people operating their own business.

The Adams/Moldonado family will be visit DCC, June 16 -18, 2017. We will have the opportunity to hear stories from the border as we host this family that serves through Frontera de Cristo.

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