Let the River Flow

Reconnect to the heart of your own and others’ true values and identities and to the deep joy of human interdependence.
Because overcoming fears and barriers within one’s own social identity can be challenging this training on human diversity brings clarity, understanding and empathy within and across differences. In a nurturing environment, together we create a strong sense of belonging, and hold moments for the healing of long-standing patterns of oppression by actively listening and dissolving divisions between people.

A broader perspective on how being categorized as people has impacted all of us deeply and on how the negative effects of acculturated societal biases strikes in all directions will be illuminated. A basic understanding of how racial and other identity development has primarily evolved in mainstream America and why so many Americans suffer from a cognitive dissonance, also will come to light. We will engage in opportunities for growth through challenging activities and energizing questions drawn from different disciplines and points of view. We will touch on common stereotypes that still operate daily and still impede constructive communication with others of a different race, socio-economic class, ethnicity, mental or physical ability, sex, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, language, or other demographic difference.
With practice and support, we can work together to heighten our abilities to recognize and address our individual and institutional roles that continue to perpetuate exclusive patterns and policies and choose, instead, to practice bringing down barriers using simple communication tools and our reclaimed hearts and minds to benefit everyone. Outcomes of this experience include enhanced abilities to notice, identify and re-evaluate our own patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior, and additionally, to learn positive life-changing ways to step out of conditioned biases and build new pathways that reconcile values with actions, that relieve grief, guilt and pain, and make room for newfound joy and resonance.

INSTRUCTOR(S): Bahia Yackzan
DATE/TIME: 12 weeks (drop in ok) starting May 9th 1:00-3:00 pm
LOCATION: Davis Community Church Fireside room or Gallery (check outer door for location each class)
COST: $40 per class


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