Young Adults: Oh Yay! It’s Wednesday!

A place where we can come together and be real and authentic about what it means to live and love and struggle and succeed.

“Oh Yay! It’s Wednesday” is a supper club for younger and young-ish folks looking to build a sense of community through good food, fun, and stimulating conversation. We gather in one of our homes at 6:00pm(ish) and begin eating at 6:30pm. We try to finish around 8:30 pm(ish). We’ll try to start a gently guided conversation on things that matter to us at around 7:15 pm in case folks with little ones need to get home to kids by 8:15(ish).

This is a community meal, so we share in creating it. We’d like you to bring an item to share with others. We want to foster a healthy lifestyle, so please consider low sugar, organic or otherwise farm-to-table foods.

Childcare is offered at the church. If you need childcare, please make prior arrangements with Kate Boxeth, our Minster of Children and Youth, (503) 799-7451.

“O Yay! It’s Wednesday” is a gathering of folks who attend Davis Community Church but isn’t limited to that community.

Contact Julie Herdt to be added to the monthly evite:

See you there!

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