Friday, March 22
12 Noon             Friday Faith & Food (Fireside Room)
4:45 pm             Kids Choir (Music Room)

Saturday, March 23
2:00 pm             Memorial for Rhoda Bruett (Sanctuary)
2:00 pm             Banners & Paraments (Library)
3:00 pm             Mosaic Language & Music Meetups (Youth Room – North)
5:30 pm             Davis Phoenix Coalition Fundraising Dinner (Fellowship Hall)

Sunday, March 24
Worship at 8:30 & 10:30 am
9:40 am             Lenten Book Study (Fireside Room)
11:45 am            APNC (Associate Pastor Nominating Committee) Meeting (Office Conference Room)
12 noon              Movie Group (Fireside Room)
7:00 pm             Curiosity Café (offsite)

Sunday, March 24
Worship Services at 8:30 & 10:30 am
9:40 am             Lenten Book Study (Fireside Room)
11:45 am            Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) (Library)
12 noon              Movie Group: The Family Stone (Fireside Room)
4:30 pm             DCC Student Community: Grades 7-12 (Youth Rooms)

Monday, March 25
9:15 am               Yoga Sutra Seated Meditation (The Gallery)
11:00 am             Monday Bible Study (offsite) Contact Jerry Ito at
12:00 pm            Davis Opportunity Village Board Meeting (Library)
3:00 pm              Lenten Book Study (Library)
6:00 pm              Who Am I Now? (The Gallery, for those enrolled)
7:00 pm              American Bach Soloists (Sanctuary)  tickets:

Tuesday, March 26
10:00 am            Knitters Mission Group (Office Conference Room)
11:00 am             C Street Ukulele Band Rehearsal (Music Room)
5:30 pm              Multi-Tradition Meditation (The Gallery)
7:00 pm              Compassion, Peace & Justice (CPJ) Ministry Meeting (Fireside Room)

Wednesday, March 27
8:00 am              Centering Prayer (Fireside Room)
11:30 am             Open Sanctuary (Sanctuary)
7:00 pm              Bell Choir Rehearsal (Music Room)

Thursday, March 28
6:00 pm              Worship Band Rehearsal (Sanctuary)
7:00 pm              Chancel Choir Rehearsal (Music Room)

Friday, March 29
12 Noon              Friday Faith & Food (Fireside Room)
4:45 pm              Kids Choir (Music Room)

Saturday, March 30
10:00 am             Voice is the Muscle of the Soul (Music Room)
2:00 pm              Banners & Paraments (Library)
3:00 pm              Mosaic Language & Music Meetups (Youth Rooms)

Sunday, March 31
Worship at 8:30 & 10:30 am
9:40 am              Lenten Book Study (Fireside Room)
11:45 am             APNC (Associate Pastor Nominating Committee) Meeting (Library)
4:30 pm              DCC Student Community (Youth Rooms)

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