Three Practices: Sabbath & Self-Care & Service

These three practices are the recipe for a flourishing life.

Sabbath is not so much about rest but about a way of life that is woven with wonder and awe. By practicing some kind of sabbath regularly we find our bodies and souls opened to a sense of the Eternal–the “intimations of immortality” that come to us through wonder. Sabbath is about creating space-in-time . . . about living in time differently, weaving a tapestry of time that is life-giving, that unites us with the rhythms of nature, and that is health-giving to ourselves and naturally, then, to others and to the Earth itself.

Maria Cartwright spoke beautifully of her experience of worship and the value of just showing up. Here it here.

Self-Care is intentionally connecting with our emotional physical & spiritual needs, forming habits and pursuing passions that nourish our lives. The practice of Self-Care is not primarily about tending the body (though habits that do that are essential to this practice); it’s about Soul-Care, finding your way into your inner life, and there to discover meaning, purpose, and dignity for living. Hear the November 18, 2017 sermon here. 

Service is our contribution to the Common Good in response to the gospel, offering our unique gifts and talents for a better world. Service flows; it is never forced. Hear the November 26, 2017 sermon here. 

Put another way, Sabbath & Self-Care & Service come down to Awe & Awareness & Action. Check in with yourself. What’s working for you? What’s missing?

The glory of God is a human being fully alive!
                                                            -St. Isenaeus


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