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Join the students of DCC every Sunday night from 5 to 7pm as we play games, eat dinner, worship, listen to a message, then discuss what it means for our lives. Jr. High and High School are combined for most of the night, but when we can, we break up for teams in games, and for discussion at the end. The students in our community might be different ages, but we think that’s why we have so much fun together!

Student Community is a place for you to be yourself, talk about what’s important to you, and make solid friends that will last through the ups and downs of school. It’s a place where you can ask questions, a place where you can say “I don’t know,” and a place where you can say exactly what you think, then even change your mind.

We’re not about being ultra-cool, deciding who’s in and who’s not, or making everyone be the same.

At Student Community you will get to know a caring adult who wants to know what you think about life, and who wants to help you decide how you can live in the best possible way. You will also get to know some peers who are on the same life journey as you and who want to talk about real things, not just the stuff that’s on the surface.

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Student Community is a place where we’ll read the Bible and analyze what it really means for you today. We’ll talk about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and how those words could all become more than just words and could have meaning in your daily life.

Student Community is also a place where we’ll have fun. Where we’ll laugh at ourselves and each other, and where it’s OK to be a little geeky.

So come try it out for a while, and see how you fit into our Community!

Sundays from 5pm to 7pm at Davis Community Church, and other times as posted on Facebook.


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