Integrated Spirituality Scholarship Fund

Many Integrated Spirituality at offerings at Davis Community Church are free; some charge a small or reduced fee for services provided. The fees allow us to expand the range of offerings. Since [...]

Online Sunday School: Still Cool!

Sunday School Would your kids like to connect with their church friends? We offer Sunday School online using Zoom technology. All Sunday School students and teachers are invited. This is a great [...]

Two Types of Early Christianity

by Dr. James Goss At the risk of oversimplification, I will portray two types of Christianity that emerged in the first two centuries of its existence. The first, an extroverted type, finally [...]

Guided Meditation & Self-Treatment Groups

Come receive a full-body guided self-treatment in community – we gather together online! Guided reiki self-treatment and gentle grounding meditation and an opportunity to connect.   Zoom format [...]

Centering Prayer Continues!

We look forward to the day we can meet again. In the meantime, you have two options for Centering Prayer: Receive a weekly email with a meditation for the week. or Receive the weekly email and [...]

Caring Gone Viral

Support your NeighborWe are matching seniors currently on self-quarantine with shoppers. We are matching people based upon location in Davis. We hope to have each person have a connection to [...]