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We have a fun challenge for our church community over the next 10 days. We would like to create a video, involving everyone (pets included), singing, dancing, jumping, playing, musing, smiling, waving  and in general, having fun to a soundtrack (created by our DCC musicians) of the well-known hymn “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. Our choir will lead the hymn, with Emma at the piano and we would like you to record yourselves and upload your ‘raw’ video for editing. We hope to produce a video that is engaging and brings joy to us all!!! Let’s do this together!

Below are the links for an MP3 recording of the song and a conducting video with Emma singing. 



Some pointers and ideas for your video are listed below.

  1. If you are singing along, please sing all the verses and refrains (makes it easier to edit). The same applies to playing an instrument. Let’s keep it simple and only sing the melody line.  Singers and instrumentalists, please see the audio recording instructions below.
  2. We would love people to be creative in this process. Try and find a location that means something to you, ie. your garden, beside flowers or water, top of a mountain, with your family and friends, etc.
  3. For our musicians, we would love to see both you and your instrument playing. The same goes for singers, we would like to see front-facing faces and make sure the light helps that happen. If you are reading from a printout, make sure to look up!
  4. It would be great to see how people are living in lock-down as part of the storyline. Perhaps a family trying to work together in a crowded space? Wearing masks? Playing with your pets? Be creative………

Last Day to Upload:   Tuesday, September 8th.   (Earlier would be appreciated!)

Upload Instructions:

  • Locate the file on your device if you’ve used a smartphone or other internet-connected device.
  • If you used a camcorder, transfer the file to an internet-connected computer.
  • Rename the file if necessary so it includes your NAME and either “SILENT VIDEO ONLY” or “VIDEO WITH AUDIO”
  • CLICK THIS LINK to open a web page where you can either drag and drop your recording file or click the “+” button to browse for your file.

  • If the upload is successful, you should receive a notification.

Tips for creating your video

  1. If you’re moving the camera around, try to keep the motion slow, smooth and steady and landscape is preferred.
  2. Look at what’s behind your subject, and around the edges of your screen – hopefully the background scene won’t steal the show from the subject you’re sharing 🙂
  3. Take note of the lighting on your subject – in general, you don’t want your subject to be in the shadows surrounded by a bright background.
  4. If you’re singing or playing an instrument – see the instructions below for a good audio quality recording. If you’re not singing along, or don’t want your audio to be used, feel free to have the recorded song playing in the background for inspiration.
  5. Enjoy yourself – we’re looking for fun and joyful images, not perfection!

Audio Recording Instructions

This may seem a bit tricky if it’s your first time submitting a “virtual choir” video. The goal is to create a clean audio recording of YOU, and nothing else. We DON’T want to hear the recorded version of “All Things Bright and Beautiful” playing along in the background. We DO want you to sing or play in time with the record version of the song, so your contribution will synchronize with everyone else’s. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the recorded sing-along track to a device that can play an MP3 file into headphones or earbuds. This playback device will need to be separate from your recording device.
  2. Practice playing or singing along with the recorded track so you can match the timing well.
  3. Find a place to record that is as quiet as possible and set up your recording device. A smart phone will work just fine. Remember that we’d like to see your instrument if you’re playing one, and your smiling face.
  4. The two most common problems with this process are excess background noise and volume that exceeds the recording capabilities of the device, causing distortion. To avoid this second problem, don’t use earbuds with a microphone that is part of the earbud cable, just use the microphones built in to your video recording device, which will be far enough away to avoid problems. If you’re using a microphone built-in to a laptop or webcam, you may need to adjust the audio levels to avoid distortion, and the same goes if you’re using a more sophisticated audio recording set up.
  5. When you’re ready to record, start your recording device first.
  6. Then plug in your headphones or earbuds and start the MP3 player. You may want to use only a single earbud so you can hear yourself well.
  7. When the song finishes, wait quietly for at least 3 seconds before stopping the recording.
  8. Enjoy! Perfection is not required.

(If you REALLY want to get creative on the video side and still have high quality audio, you’re welcome to send a separate audio recording along with a video “lip sync” version – just name the two files so it’s obvious they go together.)

We are looking forward to seeing and hearing your creation and we can’t wait to share it with the whole church community at a later date (to be confirmed).

Any questions, please send them to Emma:


Emma Turnbull and Jeff Pelz
DCC Sound Engineers and Editors


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