Becoming Elder

The Gifts of Aging Consciously and Intentionally
Rev. Dr. Chris Neufeld Erdman and Gregory Guss, LCS

An open community workshop to explore and expand the vitality of Eldering. This workshop comes at a time when our culture is bereft of moral leadership and invites older adults to examine their life experiences and discern the ways their gifts might enrich the next generation. Whether or not you consider yourself an “Elder,” we invite you to sit in community where you may discover your hidden riches and learn ways to pass those riches on to the next generations.

Monday, October 21st: 7-8:30 pm Fireside Room
“The Gifts and Art of ‘Conscious Eldering’

Monday, November 18th: 7-8:30 pm Fireside Room
“The ‘Conscious Elder’s’ Toolbox: Values, Assumptions, and Practices”


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