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The Belonging Class

Classes offered three times each year.

Do you long for something more? Maybe you can’t explain your yearning, but you want to make a difference in the world, and you want to do that from a place of spiritual grounding. You may be a newcomer or a veteran. And you want to belong.

The Belonging class at Davis Community Church uses a small group process to explore spirituality using Exploring the Way:  An Introduction to the Spiritual Journey.

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This group/class will help you understand and deepen your experience of God while connecting with others.

  • You’ll be able to ask questions about issues and faith in a safe place.
  • You’ll discover (or rediscover) a way of grace, joy, and peace — indeed, the way of Christ himself.
  • You’ll feed your hungry soul.
  • You’ll use your head and your heart while rejuvenating your own spiritual journey home!

Diana Butler Bass tells us that the question about belonging is no longer about joining an organization: it’s about relationship.  It’s about connecting people in very deep ways to God and to their neighbors.  If you are looking for this type of connecting, please consider joining the next Belonging class.

Members of a recent Belonging class had this to say about what they valued from the class:

“It helped me feel like a part of the church.”

“I found I was feeling God’s presence more.”

“I learned about God above us, around us , and within us.”

“I liked the small community where we listened to each other with care and acceptance.”

Because of the community building nature of this class, it is intended for those who can participate consistently.   For those interested in becoming members of Davis Community Church, there will be a special session offered later about church membership led by the pastor and elders of the church.

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