Book Study: Waking Up White

A serious book study about systemic racism and white privilege
Thursdays, October 3 – November 11, 7 pm

More than ever it’s important for white Americans to examine our own understandings of systemic racism, white privilege, and racial assumptions that have been part of our country since its founding, and that are, in fact, part of our own psyches through the (often unconscious) process of socialization.

In this 8-week study, we will use Debby Irving’s book, “Waking Up White: And finding myself in the story of race,” for our guide, as the author shows us beneath the surface of her own socialization in a well-intentioned white American family, and how she began to challenge and deconstruct embedded assumptions/biases about herself and others that she found to be untrue. In this study, we will point our attention away from current examples of blatant racism, so we can look inward to “find ourselves in the story of race” and join the conversation about race and racism from a more conscious place. Limit 20 participants

For questions or to sign up, please contact Alf Brandt ( or Peggy Froehlich (

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