Six-Word Memoir

Six-word memoirs are a powerful way to explore the core meaning of your life. Be challenged to sum up your life in six words! The Yolo Coalition to Honor Choices brings you a workshop that will [...]

Voice is the Muscle of the Soul

Not a traditional singing class, but an exploration of how our voices are connected to our psyches and can reveal our true character and spirit. Through exercises and games, we will explore [...]

Integrated Spirituality: Summer, 2019

Our way of embracing “the holiness of wholeness” which is the way of Jesus. You are invited to explore our diverse Integrated Spirituality offerings. From Singing Bowls Meditation to Soul [...]

Friday Faith & Food

Friday Faith & Food Every Friday at noon C Street Patio (In cold or wet weather we serve the meal in the Fireside Room, next to the Sanctuary) Friday Food & Faith Luncheon Every Friday [...]

Mental Health Sermon Series & Discussion

We will have the first of a three part sermon series on Mental Health. After the services at noon on the 28th there will be a workshop with David Woods Bartley and Lee Erikson to discuss mental [...]

In The Gallery: Nature’s Embrace 2.0

Nature’s Embrace 2Photography by Kitty Hudson Cawley Gallery, June 2019 “Nature’s Embrace, Part 2,” a collection of photographs by Kitty Hudson Cawley, [...]