This page is based on a talk by Dennis Dahlin in 2016.


EARLY DAVIS 1869 – Local residents started the Davisville Presbyterian Church in 1869. Services were held in the blacksmith shop of Charles Harwood. “The front part of the shop was curtained off, and a bench or nail keg served as a pulpit. Meanwhile, from the rear of the shop could be heard the clink of the anvil and the hissing of steam.”


FIRST CHURCH BUILDING – 1870 – The church was built in 1870 and the pews added in 1871 and a stove in 1872. It was located at the corner of 4th and E Streets. Later, the building was moved to the current location of the fraternity house south of the church.

FIRST CHURCH SAVED – During the Panic of 1873, Charles Greene, who was a forty-niner and large land owner, rescued the church from foreclosure by satisfying the mortgage.

FIRST MANSE (minister’s house) – 1884 – The house for the church minister was built in 1884 at 619 Fourth Street.  Later it became a community center for students and a City Landmark.

SECOND CHURCH BUILDING – 1915– By 1911 the church had 83 members and 173 in Sunday School. Plans begun for second church bldg. The Old building was moved to the fraternity house location across the street. The new church was completed in 1915.  It was designed by Edwin McBride and had similarities to the Unity Temple in Chicago.

SECOND MANSE – 1920 – McBride also designed the Prairie Style minister’s house.

SECOND CHURCH BURNS DOWN – 1924 – The Second church building burns down due to a defective flue. This was the catalyst for big changes in the church.


THIRD CHURCH BUILDING PLANNING – 1924–26 – Rev. Nathan Milo Fiske, pastor from 1920 to 1933, served earlier as a home missionary in lumber camps of the Pacific Northwest. “A cheerful man of tremendous energy.” He spearheaded Davis’ first sewer system.  He was a tireless promoter of the rebuilding of the church and spent a great deal of time and energy seeking donations. He collected over $100k in donations.  He promoted the new church as nondenominational.

THIRD CHURCH BUILDING – late 1920s – The third church was completed. A Redwood tree was planted in honor of a WCTU leader.


CHOIR LOFT – 1932 – Note the height of the choir loft compared with today

SURVIVING THE DEPRESSION – 1930s – The Church in 1930s with Pastor W. Irving Williams 1933-39 and the Redwood tree.

FIRE – 1937 – The sanctuary and choir loft were severely damaged by a fire.

DCC IN WARTIME – 1942 – DCC Bentley baptism. Bentley ran a grocery store in town.  Note the Gethsemane tree.

DCC EXPANSION – 1961 – With 1300 members, the Office and Christian Education wings were added.

FELLOWSHIP HALL -early 1990s – During construction a fire caused significant damage, and rebuilding was required.

CHURCH RENOVATION – early 2010s – The main building underwent a significant renovation which included a seismic retrofit, significant sanctuary modernization, and new roofs for the main building and Christian Education buildings.


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