Thanks to your generous support of DCC’s renovation projects, we are now planning Phase III!

On Tuesday, July 7, Session approved three contracts for the renovation of the DCC Sanctuary Building:

      1. Harrison Construction, for major Construction: This includes:
        • new men’s and women’s restrooms,
        • a remodeled Sanctuary Kitchen with new appliances and new cabinets,
        • storage closets in the Fireside Room and the Sanctuary Classroom and old Welcome Center,
        • updating the Sanctuary Classroom,
        • remodeling the Narthex with a new glass wall and doors at the back of the Sanctuary,
        • extension of the Chancel stage by 8 feet,
        • construction of a handicap ramp behind the Choir Loft with electric automatic doors at two entrances to the Sanctuary.
        • major (required) seismic safety structural work to reinforce the Bell Tower and transfer earthquake loads,
        • new heating and air conditioning for the Fireside Room and Sanctuary Classroom,
        • updating wood finishes
        • electrical improvements
      2. PW Stephens Environmental, to remediate asbestos under the floors of the building.
      3. Nelson Pipe Organ Company- This contract, to rebuild the organ, includes:
        • removal of organ from our site and rebuilding the console with solid state components
        • replacing Trompette Enchamade with new copper resonators.
        • replacing existing pedal pipe ranks with digital voices, Clean Swell I & Swell II chambers.
        • install new solid state switching system.

A fourth contract to upgrade audio-visual systems will be completed soon.

We expect asbestos remediation to start the week of July 13, and the major construction to start the week of July 20.

Our architect, Ty Smalley, project manager Larry Hornbeek, and the Facilities Task Force Construction Committee led by Gary Johns will oversee the project.  Please keep the Facilities Task Force and our contractors in your prayers as we move ahead on this long-waited, exciting project.

We hope to improve access for people of all mobility levels and better accommodate our diverse programs:

    • Complete seismic safety improvements to the balcony and bell tower
    • Install larger, wheelchair-accessible restrooms
    • Increase the chancel size, access and flexibility
    • Expand the narthex/church entrance to make it more welcoming and usable
    • Improve interior and exterior lighting for energy efficiency and flexibility
    • Install efficient heating and air conditioning in the Sanctuary Classroom and Fireside Room
    • Refinish aging woodwork such as floors, doors and paneling; replace door hardware
    • Paint building interior and exterior
    • Refurbish our organ, sound and projection equipment
    • Refinish and/or reupholster pews, chairs and tables

Site Plan


Church Sanctuary Rendering


Church Narthex Rendering


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