Community Men’s Talk Circle

The Community Men’s Talk Circle is a forum for men of all ages: 18 and older. 

We meet monthly, on the second Wednesday, from 7 – 9 p.m., on Zoom. The link is below. 

It may help new men to know that the Talk Circle has been meeting for the past 11 years. It allows men of three generations to talk openly, free of advice, of that which holds meaning to them. We know that many men gain greater clarity to their issues, as they talk aloud and feel heard. The Talk Circle allows men who have never done any men’s work before to talk, as they feel ready. The Talk Circles are confidential, free of charge and all men are welcome! 

For more information, please call: 530 758-2794

Thank you!  

Gregory Guss, LCSW

Talk Circle Zoom link:

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