DCC’s COVID Precautions as of 12/12/21

DCC’s Session has approved some important revisions to our COVID precautions that will allow us to seat more people in the Sanctuary and eliminate the need to pre-register for seating.

  • The good news is that vaccines are almost universally available to everyone over the age of five and our congregation is highly vaccinated. 
  • Local transmission rates of COVID-19 are low. 
  • Booster shots are available.
  • Promising, highly effective treatments appear to be not far off. 

We appear to be coming into a time when COVID-19 is endemic. It will be with us for a long time ahead. At DCC our goal is to: 

  • mitigate the dangers with sensible precautions such as proof of vaccination or negative test results, mask-wearing, hand sanitizing, and ventilation. 
  • educate using the best public health information available.
  • delegate the decision about attending events at DCC to you, depending on your health and comfort level. 

Beginning December 12, we will offer two worship services at 9 & 10:30 a.m. on Sundays. Two services will reduce the size of the group and provide more space in the Sanctuary. We will no longer limit the capacity of the service and, therefore, we will no longer require pre-registration for seating. (Please continue to pre-register for the November 28 and December 5 services.) We do ask that you be mindful of others’ personal space and allow for moderate social distancing as you are seated. 

With more relaxed restrictions, we will require that visitors show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within 72 hours of the service.  You will be asked for proof each week. 

  • Acceptable proof of vaccination is your vaccine card, a photocopy of your card, or a photo of your card. 
  • Acceptable proof of testing is your electronic test result or a printed copy of the test results.

Make a copy of your vaccination card and start carrying it with you. You will find that theaters, such as the Mondavi Center, and larger venues will require proof of vaccination before admitting patrons. We don’t want to turn anyone away!

Need your digital vaccine records? Click here. 
Enter your name, date of birth. phone number and create a PIN. 
You will get a text message with a link to your vaccine record. Save the image to your phone.

Also on December 12, we will begin an electronic check-in system as you enter the Sanctuary. 
We will offer two stations and plenty of assistance. It is very easy to do and it will create an immediate contact tracing list. 
It will also modernize our way of keeping records and eliminate time-consuming manual entry.

For people who are unvaccinated, have health concerns, join us from a distance or prefer online worship, we will continue to livestream the 10:30 service on the Davis Community Church YouTube Channel. The service is also available for viewing at a later time.

Thank you for your patience with yet another change. We believe these changes will bring us closer to the “normal” we have all longed for, while keeping us safe and healthy. We will continue to tweak as we go. 


Other Notes:

  • Room capacity in rooms other than the Sanctuary remains at 50%.
  • Events with food & beverages require BOTH proof of vaccination AND testing. 
  • Some groups within the church may opt for more, but not less, stringent precautions depending on the preference of the event leaders. 
  • We will continue, for now, to enter on 4th St.
  • The window in the Sanctuary will be open for ventilation. It may be chilly! Dress in layers. 


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