Dr. G: Thriving in Place

How to survive and thrive while managing these demanding times, 
adding personal flair and a bit of fancy to who and how you are.

Are you experiencing survival fatigue?
Internet & Zoom burn out?
Are you irritable, discouraged, or simply numb?
Is your own personal refinement “on hold”?
as you deal with daily demands & difficulties?

How you deal with this new NOW may well set the tone
for what kind of person, you are likely to be in 2023!
Mmm … Something to consider.

This Class will add perspective and offer practices to assist you
in refining the Art and Heart of being and becoming your best you.

*Registration fee: $10. Have a pen & paper, turn off the phone, and claim your sacred time.
Register here.

Two Zoom Sessions with Dr. Gitane:
Tuesdays, September 8 and 15
10:00 am
Meeting ID: 953 5243 1342
Passcode: 015689

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