Especially for Older Adults: The Third Breath

Cultivating peace and wisdom in the third phase of life. Over the course of eight sessions, participants will address concerns such as retirement, loss of a partner, and changing relationships with siblings and adult children. We will explore finding meaning, purpose and a new direction in these “eldering” years. The weekly program will include the following 8 weeks:
1. Life Review: Joys, delights, and special people
2. Life Review: challenging experiences
3. Self-Compassions: Belief and boost
4. Regrets, Apologies, and Forgiveness
5. Moving on in years with grace
6. Body and life change
7. End-of-Life choices and perspective
8. New Vision: Living with passion, perspective, and wisdom

INSTRUCTOR(S): Dr. Gitane, PhD.
DATE/TIME: 8-week series beginning on September 5 – October 24, 10 am – 12:30 pm
LOCATION: Fireside Room
COST: $80 per person paid to Yolo Hospice.
Not a drop-in class. Participants must sign up in advance for all eight weeks. 


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