Faithfully Forward: Stepping Into God’s Future

April 2019

Dear Friends;

I am grateful and pleased to say that this last year represents some of the most exciting growth and faithfully forward thinking I’ve seen from any of the congregations I’ve served these past thirty years—thanks to the remarkable and generous support of people like you.

Through your help, we’ve put our values into action and gone solar, harnessing clean energy to power our facilities and create the environment in which a broad array of church and community-sponsored programs can meet; we average 7,000 attendees every month for activities housed at DCC! In this 150th year as a congregation, we’ve also moved boldly forward with our VISION2028 plan and its six strong strategies that will help keep us relevant for years to come. We’ve grown our programs and services, reaching across the age spectrum, building bridges, and inspiring, educating, advocating, and helping people thrive—body, mind, and soul.  And we’ve grown our staff, adding hours to existing staff members, and we’re engaged in a search process to bring on a second pastor who will help support our growing ministry.  Davis Community Church is a source of hope and spiritual growth for a varied and diverse population of people in and around Davis.

As I look out into 2019 and beyond, and as I consider all that’s going on in our world and region, I am grateful for three things: 1. our heritage as a congregation, 2. the place we inhabit in this city and area, and 3. the enormous resources we leverage for the common good in order to “tend the wellbeing of the place and people around us” (VISION2028).

This “ministry-of-wellbeing” depends on your financial gifts. We have no other support but what comes to us through our donors. And so, I’m asking you to personally take a moment right now and consider what DCC means to your life. And then I invite you to consider what kind of financial commitment you can make to our mission and ministry this stewardship season (the month of April).

My wife, Patty, and I have committed to increasing our giving for the coming year and communicating that pledge to our financial leaders so they know they can count on us as they prepare our budget for the new fiscal year.

I’m asking everyone who connects with DCC in some way to either make a pledge this year—whether big or small—or to increase their pledge. Please bring your pledge card with you to worship on Sunday, April 28, 2019.

This is an important year in our history as a congregation. We’re turning a corner. We’re pressing into the future. And we need everyone’s participation and investment. If we all give something, if each of us “pays forward” a little of what we’ve received from God, DCC will continue to provide programs and services that inspire and educate, heal and advocate.

Remember, every pledge counts, every gift matters. Together we build the future; together we move “faithfully forward.”

With gratitude and hope,

Pastor Chris Neufeld-Erdman

Make a pledge here. 

2019-2020 Proposed Budget: 9% increase in annual expenditures

  • $14,700 – 3.3% Cost of Living increase for staff
  • $2,300 – 0.5% Skills and Experience increase for staff
  • $8,000 – Children’s Ministry Assistant, 5 hours/week
  • $10,000 – Music Ministry increase staffing by 5 hours/week
  • $11,000 – Minister of Finance (and Personnel admin.) increase 5-9 hours/week
  • $14,000 – Medical and Pension benefits for permanent Associate Pastor
  • $13,000 – Personnel benefits and taxes increases

 How to Give

  • Sunday Worship – checks payable to “Davis Community Church”
  • Online – via our secure site at
  • By text – text “Give” to 530.771.6010
  • By mail – checks made payable to “Davis Community Church” and sent to 412 C Street, Davis, CA 95616, Attn: Maria Rodriguez, Minister of Finance
  • Any other gift – contact Maria Rodriguez: or 530.753.2894, X103
  • Donor-advised funds – like a charitable savings account, donors contribute to the fund as frequently as they like and then recommend grants when they are ready
  • Gifts of securities – including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, can provide relief from capital gains taxes
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