Integrated Spirituality Scholarship Fund

Many Integrated Spirituality at offerings at Davis Community Church are free; some charge a small or reduced fee for services provided. The fees allow us to expand the range of offerings. Since Day 1 of the Integrated Spirituality program, the leadership of DCC required that we offer scholarships that make the program accessible to all. Participants have consistently donated to the fund and we have always been able to provide scholarships so that cost is never a barrier to participation.

Now, in the time of COVID-19, we have had fewer people attend Integrated Spirituality events. As we transition to an online presence with more classes resuming, the fund is running low. Fees received during the month of May will go toward the scholarship fund.

Should you wish to support the Integrated Spirituality Fund during this time, your donation will be gratefully received here or mail your contribution to:

Davis Community Church
412 C Street
Davis, CA 95616
Attention: Maria Mar Rodriguez

or text  “scholar” to 530.771.6010

Thank You for your support for this program as it transitions online. In 2019 over 4800 people enjoyed classes through the Integrated Spirituality program at Davis Community Church! Your contribution helps us continue this outreach beyond the traditional fair offered by churches.

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