John 17: An Intensive Reading with Jim Goss

The author of the Gospel of John created chapter 17 as a farewell prayer of Jesus to his disciples before his death and return to God. It serves as a summary of the main themes in the gospel, offers a mystical union between God, Jesus, and those of the Christian community, and instructs the disciples how to survive in the midst of an oppressive world. The “farewell address” of a dying hero or holy man was a well-known literary genre in Greco-Roman and Jewish writings.  The author of the gospel took over the form and used it to entice readers into accepting the message of the Gospel.  In class, we will go through the prayer and discuss its meaning for early Christians, and its relevance for our own experience and image of God.

Begins Wednesday, September 22, 10:30 a.m. on Zoom.
There is no charge for the class. 
Register here.

Once registered, a Zoom link will be sent to you before the first class. 

A gifted scholar and popular teacher, Dr. Jim Goss, serves as DCC’s theologian-in-residence. He is Professor Emeritus of the Religions Studies Department, California State University, Northridge.

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