Knowing What You Want

These session are up and running. A new series of classes will begin in August.

Core Alignment coach, Bahia Yackzan will offer four classes, each a 12-week series, via conference calls. Choose a topic of interest below for professional or personal development. (If you would like to be trained as a coach, I encourage you to start with Who’s in Charge of your Mind; subsequently 3 more 12-week series will follow for coach trainees.)

1. Who’s in Charge of Your Mind? Evaluating and Choosing Influences 
Exploring and re-evaluating various influences on our minds and making conscious choices as to what we allow in and what we cultivate for best thinking and action, in alignment with our values. 
Mondays, May 11th-July 27, 2-3:30 pm

2. Heart-Brain Coherence Expands our Humanity
Getting to the heart of diversity and equitable inclusion: an opportunity to clear away obstacles and defenses and build practices that bring traditionally marginalized voices front and center
Tuesdays, May 12th-July 28, 5-6:15 pm

3. Clear Mind Radiant Heart 
Integrating and Expanding Equitable inclusion consciousness and practices within and throughout your organization/community/company. 
Wednesdays, May 13th-July 29, 5-6:15 pm

4. Showing Up: Picture, Write, Shape,
and Present your Content

Designed for individuals, leaders, directors, clergy, coaches. Put your purpose into practice. 
Thursdays, May 14th-July 30, 5-6:15 pm

On-going class: Let the River Flow 
Reconnecting to the heart of your own and others’ true identities and to the deep joy of human interdependence.
Mondays 6:30-8 pm

To be certified in my comprehensive Know What You Want coach training — which emphasizes cultural inclusion, restorative communication competencies, and bringing marginalized voices front and center — requires successful completion of all four modules.  

Click here to register. Cost for DCC members $30 per session per person ($360 for one 12-week module.) 10% tithed to DCC. Scholarships are available with advance arrangements. Contact Elisa Stone at
For those on the coach training track, please take modules in numerical order and one module at a time. Non-DCC participants are very welcome.
Questions? Contact Bahia Yackzan at

Bahia Yackzan’s Bio: I have designed and led Diversity training for 20+ years and have coached university leaders, faculty, students, counselors, and emerging artists, business owners, church leaders, parents, and retirees planning their remaining years. I have a B.A. in Philosophy, post-baccalaureate summer study at the London School of Economics in International Relations, and have expertise with multiple models of restorative communication and conflict transformation. I served as a US Peace Volunteer and received the 1st runner, J.F.K. Volunteer of the Year distinction in North Africa and Southeast East Asia region. I taught crisis intervention training for six years for a Domestic Violence Agency in rural white and first nation communities in Maine and subsequently led an award-winning Public Education Campaign for five years. As the campaign’s Coordinator, I developed community coalitions that won an additional five years of funding from the Centers for Disease Control; a federal Violence Against Women Act grant; and a Governor’s Award for a film I produced, shot, and edited on multicultural perspectives on domestic violence. I edited a statewide manual on crisis intervention, funded by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, and was honored by an award from the Harrington Family Health Center for “Dedication, Compassion and Tireless Work.” More information available upon request.

Who benefits from my classes, consultations, and coach training program? Everyone, particularly influencers who can make a difference for many lives.

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