Let the River Flow with Bahia Yackzan

Core Alignment Coach and Communication Specialist, Bahia Yackzan offers classes via conference calls for 12 consecutive weeks.

Let the River Flow
Re-connecting to the heart of your own and others’ true identities. By letting “the river flow” we can speak soul to soul and explore how to navigate the pains and joys of current cultural crises — and other issues — and find unity, hope, and motivation.
Thursdays, 7-8 p.m.

Click here to register. Cost for DCC members $30 per session per person ($275 for one 12-week module.) 10% tithed to DCC.
A new 12-week module begins September 16, 2021.

Integrated Spirituality offerings are provided on a sliding scale. While some of our offerings have instructor fees, cost is never a barrier at DCC. We invite you to pay what feels comfortable for your budget. If you pay less than the full fee, the scholarship fund will pay the balance to the instructor.

If you are able, you are invited to “Pay It Forward” with a donation to the scholarship fund so others may participate. 

Bahia Yackzan’s Bio: I have designed and led workshops to address oppression issues, inclusion and equity-building for 20+ years and have coached university leaders, faculty, students, counselors, emerging artists, business owners, church leaders, parents, and retirees planning their remaining years. I have a B.A. in Philosophy, post-baccalaureate summer study at the London School of Economics in International Relations, and have expertise with multiple models of restorative communication and conflict transformation. I served as a US Peace Volunteer and received the first runner recognition for the J.F.K. Volunteer of the Year distinction in North Africa and Southeast East Asia region. I taught crisis intervention training for six years for a Domestic Violence Agency in rural white and first nation communities in Maine and subsequently led an award-winning Public Education Campaign for five years. As the campaign’s Coordinator, I developed community coalitions that won an additional five years of funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; a federal Violence Against Women Act grant; and a Governor’s Award for a film I produced, shot, and edited on multicultural perspectives on domestic violence. I edited a statewide manual on crisis intervention, funded by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, and was honored by an award from the Harrington Family Health Center for “Dedication, Compassion and Tireless Work.” I have lived in several regions of the United States and in three other countries. More information is available upon request. Everyone benefits from these experienced-based classes! Use your influence to make your own and others’ lives joyfully fulfilling.


Questions? Contact Bahia Yackzan at byackzan@gmail.com. See Bahia’s bio summary below.
If you are interested in becoming a coach through Bahia’s comprehensive Know What You Want coach training program— which emphasizes self-awareness, cultural inclusion, restorative communication competencies, and bringing marginalized voices front and center — email Bahia at byackzan@gmail.com. Individual coaching also available. 


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