Lenten Study, 2020

The theme of this year’s Lenten Study is timely: “Six Civil Conversations to Restoring Hope in Humanity” from On Being, an award-winning podcast hosted by Krista Tippet. The podcast examines what it calls the, “animating questions at the center of human life: What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live?” The Columbia Journalism Review said of On Being and Tippett, “To listen to her show is to hear how intelligent and thoughtful religious people can be when they are allowed to be subjective and not merely regurgitate dogma.”

Rather than reading a book, this year, we will be either listening to podcasts or reading the transcripts of the podcasts. Podcasts are recorded interviews. We are offering a curated list of 6 podcasts. Discussion groups are up and running! A drop-in group will be in The Gallery between services during Lent.

2020 Lenten Podcast Links

Lent Week 1-Week of February 24
Brené Brown:  Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart


Lent Week 2- Week of March 2:

Derek Black and Matthew Stevenson: How Friendship and Quiet Conversations Transformed a White Nationalist


Lent Week 3- Week of March 9:

Elizabeth Alexander: Words that Shimmer


Lent Week 4- Week of March 16:

Rebecca Traister & Avi Klein: Me Too Through a Solutions Lens


Lent Week 5- Week of March 23:

Luis Alberto Urrea: What Borders Are Really About and What We Do with Them?


Lent Week 6- Week of March 30:

Vincent Harding: Is America Possible?

Final Discussion@
Everybody Eats Community Meal on April 5th.
Or search for the podcast on your device: 
Go to your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Google, Bing, etc.)
Type in “On Being”
Search for the title of the podcast.
Click on the little blue “listen” circle.

The DCC office will print transcripts if you cannot listen on a device.

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