COVID-19: Food and Caregiving from DCC

Eat Well Yolo
begins Saturday, March 21, 2:30 pm

Under the awning by our office. Anyone who needs food can receive a bag of food provided by the Yolo Food Bank.

Emergency Response Yolo Food Bank
Home Delivery of food is available for low-income seniors and/or those with health concerns and disabilities. You must sign up to receive with name, address, and phone.
DCC is working on food delivery in coordination with the Yolo Food Bank. On Wednesdays, food arrives (both perishable and non-perishable items) and is delivered to people who are low-income seniors and residents who have underlying health conditions. If you are on the younger and healthier side of things and would like to deliver food, use the link at the bottom to sign up. You can specify Wednesdays and mention the DCC program in your sign-up. (You can also volunteer on other days and locations.) Thanks to Elisa Stone for working so closely with the Yolo Food Bank and Robb Davis to coordinate our involvement.
Thank you to those who stay safe and stay home.
Thank you to those who are able to deliver essential food supplies.
Sign up here to deliver food.

Support your Neighbor
We are matching seniors currently on self-quarantine with shoppers. We are matching people based upon location in Davis. We hope to have each person have a connection to another to help run errands. Please sign up with Elisa by calling or emailing her.
If you have everything you need now, you may not next week or the week after. Act now. If you never need a thing, wonderful! I want you to have someone to call for help, regardless.And If you can shop for food or medicine, please let me know so I can add you to my list.

Elisa Stone, Minister of Congregational Care

Caring Gone Viral

We are going to stay connected!! Please let Elisa know if you want to write cards, email, text or call folks as a way for us to be the church while at home. I need more volunteers to help us all feel….connected!

Elisa Stone, Minister of Congregational Care

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