Mind Body Wisdom

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Especially for older adults
For dealing with on-going stress and chronic pain.

What if…you don’t have to be limited quite as much?
What if…using your mind in “brain-smart” ways can actually help reduce stress, anxiety, and even reduce physical pain?
Find out about the ABC Formula to help counter the harmful effects of on-going chronic stress and strain, even reduce physical pain.  What if this could help you regain some measure of control and well-being, in spite of difficult or demanding circumstances!

Thursdays, January 23rd to March 5th at 10:00 am
7-weeks of class.
Based on Mind-Body science, the 7-week class offers simple and easy to learn tools and techniques, which, when practiced daily, can and will help reduce mental and emotional stress and strain, may reduce physical pain, and will increase a feeling of joy, aliveness, and well-being.

Leader: Dr. G or Gitane, PhD, MFT, Yolo Hospice Ambassador, is a psychotherapist in Davis. She has a weekly radio program, “Heart to Heart.”
Fee: $80 applies to all 7 classes. Scholarships available through Yolo Hospice.
The 7-week series requires signing up with Yolo Hospice call: 530-758-5566.

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