Partnering with DCC: 2022-23

Dear Davis Community Church friends,

As I write to you, gratitude overwhelms my heart. Davis Community Church, our church, continues to be a source of hope and spiritual growth amidst all the challenges in our region and our world.

Empowered by your prayers, your funding and your efforts, DCC’s outstanding staff have been working at peak velocity for the past two years. We have adapted and thrived despite pressures and challenges that we never imagined. While grounded by our VISION2028, we’ve evolved and transformed our ministries, extended our community outreach, and cared for our church family. Our inclusive spiritual message is expanding geographically and engaging a more diverse population.

Moving forward, everyone’s participation and investment is essential to bringing about the beloved community that we envision, where love and generosity are inseparable. Giving makes love real–it is a necessary spiritual practice. Author and Buddhist meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg says, “True giving is a thoroughly joyous thing to do. We experience happiness when we form the intention to give, in the actual act of giving, and in the recollection of the fact that we have given. Generosity is a celebration…and our commitment to the path of peace and awareness deepens.”

How will you partner with Davis Community Church this coming year? Making a commitment of your time, talents and financial gifts for the year helps us plan for staffing, programming, and facility investments. Every gift matters. The enclosed pledge form allows you to communicate your financial support for this work. I also encourage you to ask the staff where your volunteer efforts will have the most impact. Please submit your pledge or gift by Sunday, May 8 when we will celebrate our commitments together in worship. Make your pledge here.

Thank you, friends, for sharing your gifts. You are an essential part of God’s kin-dom!

Blessings to you now and always,

Cheryl Essex
Financial Support Ministry Chair


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