Simple Gifts – Short Term Service

As Your Schedule Allows

There are any number of ways in which you can help out as your schedule allows. It takes a village to be a community! Sign up periodically and contribute to the DCC community:

Flower Guild – floral arrangements for worship
Contact Mary Kay at

Sextons – prepare the DCC campus for worship on Sunday mornings or lock up after the second service
Contact: Mark Nelson at

Liturgists – do readings and assist in worship leadership
Contact: Alf Brandt at

Ushers – welcome people on Sundays and for other worship services
Contact: Bob Schultz at

Power Point Creations and Presentations  we’ll explain all you need to know and be sure you feel comfortable
Contact: Jennifer Anderson Begun at 

Everybody Eats Community Meal – cook a dish up when you can for the community meal on the first Sunday of each month
Contact: Vicki Ito at

Teach Sunday School – can you help out with just one rotation per year of Sunday School 
Contact: Janis Cooke at 

Visit! – Share a cup of tea with someone who will appreciate a visit.
Contact: Elisa Stone at

Are you handy?
This old building needs a lot of love. Lisa has a long list of small repairs and odd jobs just for you. Take on just one or two.
Contact: Lisa Nelson at

Special Events
Community Life needs people who will contribute a dish or some time in the kitchen at all-church events
Contact: Katie Kingston at

Memorial Guild
In the event of a death of a church member, we offer the family assistance with a reception. The Memorial Guild receives an email invitation to sign up to assist, usually with cookies or beverages. It is a simple way to support families following a death and they are so very grateful. And you can sign up as your schedule allows.

Contact: Julie Herdt



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