Stewardship: Grounded in Love, Evolving Together

This is Stewardship season at Davis Community Church, a time to consider what you might be able to contribute to our ministries that tend the people and the place we serve. Given the Coronavirus disruption, our budget process was delayed a bit. Stewardship material was mailed to homes in late June. We hope to have your response k to DCC by Sunday, July 26. 

Recent Stewardship Messages

Cheryl Essex, Emily Henderson and Mike Coleman share responses we have received from our work during the Coronavirus shutdown.

Ruth Coleman and Emily Henderson reflect on Stewardship and how to support the work of the church. 

Janis Cooke shares all the Family Ministries is doing to keep children, teens, and their families supported during the pandemic. 

Worship Ministry has moved all of our worship services online. Services each Sunday include terrific music such as this piece. Enjoy!    Read here about all that Worship Ministry has done move to online worship has meant. 

Congregational Care has worked since Day 1 of the pandemic to keep people connected through phone calls, notes, and mailings to those who are not able to follow DCC online. We are hosting a weekly food program with Yolo Food Bank to provide food to those who need it.  We have shoppers who buy groceries for those who are at high risk for exposure to the Coronavirus. 

June 5, 2020

Greetings, friends. It’s time to talk with you about the coming year’s budget that begins on July 1. For many of us, a budget is the LAST place we look for spiritual connection & transformation–but how we spend our funds is a critical expression of our shared faith and values as a church family. Davis Community Church is entirely funded through financial gifts from folks like you.

DCC thrives with an incredible staff who support our connection & communication, financial stewardship & education, facilities,  worship, pastoral care, and spiritual leadership, to help each of our ministries provide impactful programs consistent with our calling. Over the last few months, our staff has been vital to keeping us spiritually connected through this challenging time. This year, our current planned expenses are expected to total just over a million dollars, this is about a 6% increase from last year’s budget. Two-thirds of our budget is devoted to staff expenses.

We have prepared a video explaining the budget process in more detail.

If you would like an advance copy of the budget, please call the office or email We are always available to answer your questions by telephone or email, as well.

Three additional pieces of information: 
Proposed Budget
2019-20 Current Income Statement
2020-21 Graph 

Thank you for your generous support! Your Stewardship Team: Cheryl Essex, Emily Henderson, Joe Yun, Mike Coleman

Budget News from DCC’s Financial Support Ministry

Greetings, friends. This is quite an unsettled time to prepare an annual budget, so our budget process will be different this year. A short summary:
1.) We are asking Session to approve a “needs-based,” budget in June.
2.) We’ll share that with you and in July we’ll ask for your support to meet these expenses through a financial gift or pledge.
3.) Based on the gifts and pledges we receive in July, we’ll adjust as necessary.
4.) The Financial support Ministry will continue to monitor giving and spending throughout the year and communicate our financial status regularly.

We have prepared a video explaining this process in more detail.
You can see it here.

Your Stewardship Team: Cheryl Essex, Emily Henderson, Joe Yun, Mike Coleman

We miss our historic worship space! 
And we are reminded that the church is not the building, beautiful as it is!
The church is the people of God, working toward the divine vision of a people 
who do justice,
love kindness,
    and to walk humbly with God.



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