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Born and raised in West Java, Indonesia by hard working Chinese entrepreneur parents, Melanie grew up travelling Asia, Australia, Europe and America with her parents. She spent much of her childhood being exposed to different cultures and religions, as well as drawing and daydreaming of attending school abroad. In 2002, after graduating from high school in Indonesia and barely spoke English at the time, her parents made her wish come true and sent her to college in Santa Barbara. In 2007 Melanie earned her Bachelor of Art degree in Business Economics with Accounting Emphasis from UC Santa Barbara. For over ten years after her graduation, she devoted a full time career in Finance and Accounting for various large corporations.

Melanie’s personal struggles being a first generation immigrant in America brought her to her spiritual awakening where she seeks the deeper meaning of life. Melanie is a perpetual student of life and believes in self-empowerment for a life that feels good, not one that she has to run away from anymore. She is an advocate for mental health and holistic wellness. She completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2020. She teaches a wide array of yoga styles in both one on one and group settings. Melanie believes in service to humanity and to Mother Earth as an embodiment of God’s divinity. She joined staff at Davis Community Church as the Minister of Finance in April 2021. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, animating her Teddy Bear and propagating house plants.

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