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Dr. Stephen Moon is a Korean immigrant who came to the United States in 1983. He settled in Hawaii with his family, where he had a series of diverse experience as student, real estate agent, and part-time church worker. As a result of a dramatic conversion, he decided to pursue his college degree and theological education in San Francisco to become a full time ministry worker. During his work as children’s pastor, he was given an intensive ministry training for the 1st generation Korean-Americans and their children. It was during that time that he developed a strong passion for the unchurched, especially for the 2nd generation Korean-Americans and the children in the neighborhood who come from a culturally diverse background. Now, he is leading cross-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-site churches for the Millennial generation in the Sacramento area.

Stephen, as a Gen Xer, has a strong passion and desire to reach the lost generations, Mosaics (aka Millennials or Gen Y) who are the post-modern in their ages from late teens to early 30’s and Gen Z (aka iGen, Post-Millennials or Post-Mosaics) who are the most populated generation in USA (about 25% in 2015 according to Forbes). While he was at this age, he as a new immigrant has had many cross-cultural experiences and training both in schools and at work. And he proved himself that he has the capacity to adapt and prosper in a very diverse and unstructured environment. He loves the challenges of doing things that seem impossible and that not many in his culture would dare to venture. He wants to step out in faith as he sees great needs of these generations and the challenges of the Harvest for these people.

Stephen has a strong vision for the Mosaic Generation and has a good understanding of what are the key issues and main attractions for them. He is very creative and resourceful, and seek excellence in what he does, which will provide good connections with his target group. He has an amicable demeanor, which befriends him to many people, whether they are Christians or non-Christians. Both his wife, Grace and he have very optimistic views in their lives and ministry, and believe that by taking an initiative and being persistent in their vision they can be used by God to accomplish God’s vision in their life.

Stephen and his wife Grace started their first outreaching ministry in 2013 with Korean language and cooking fellowship at their house in Elk Grove and this ministry became a New Worshiping Community called, Fellowship of Mosaics sponsored by the Presbytery of Sacramento in 2014 and continues growing to reach out Gen Y and Gen Z in Sacramento Metropolitan Area. Here is the third anniversary video clip of Fellowship of Mosaics, NWC:

Davis-Mosaics-Logo-(Official)Since March 2015, Stephen & Grace are leading Davis Mosaics, a New Worshiping Community of PC(USA) in Davis sponsored by Davis Community Church. Currently, Davis Mosaics provides weekend intercultural language & music classes and fellowship to reach out Millennials (aka Mosaics) and Post-Millennials (aka Post-Mosaics) living in Davis and other cities such as Vacaville and Fairfield as well as Sacramento Metropolitan Area. Since the inception, Davis Mosaics reached out over 1,000 Millennials and Post-Millennials. Here is the first anniversary video clip of Davis Mosaics, NWC:

Since April 2019, both New Worshiping Communities, Fellowship of Mosaics and Davis Mosaics, have combined as one entity with an average of 60~80 Mosaics and Post-Mosaics gathering each weekend in Davis and continue growing organically through various community-impacting outreaching ministries. You can find Mosaics activities with pictures and videos at the Mosaics FaceBook Group page at: Here is Mosaics’ 6th anniversary video:

As Gen-Xers living in a rapidly changing multi-ethnic, cross-cultural society, they want to motivate Mosaics and Post-Mosaics to engage in building the spiritual momentum (faith) and synergies (actions) to pursue the Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20 & 2 Cor. 10:15b).

Mosaics New Challenges and Opportunities:

Reaching Millennials (Gen Yers) and Gen Zers requires a new expression of Church. We call this new expression, “Mosaics.” It is faith communities modeled in the first century communities (Acts 2:42-47), where many activities of the Holy Spirit transformed new believers’ life: apostles teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers, sharing their food, praising God and having the good will of all the people.

There are five elements of church: 1) worship; 2) fellowship; 3) teaching; 4) evangelism; and 5) compassion. All these elements are embraced at Mosaics in different forms. We have fellowship at our dinner tables where evangelism and compassion take place for all people. We believe Mosaics is a new expression of church.

We believe discipleship takes place at our tables of learning, eating and praying naturally. Our gifted leaders are constantly in spiritual conversation with others who are new to church or non-believers to introduce the new expression on a one-to-one basis. A shared meal helps make Christ-followers into disciples in a natural way.

To effectively reach out to new generations, we believe that Mosaics will need to multiply. It will thrive best if we are able to secure a large sponsoring church near universities along with strong support from the Presbytery within where Mosaics can be funded appropriately—financial and personnel resources. Each Mosaics will be named after the city, i.e. Davis Mosaics, Bay Area Mosaics, San Diego Mosaics, etc. We hope this new expression of church becomes movement for future churches.

On July 1, 2021, Davis Mosaics, NWC changed its official name to “Intercultural Mosaics, NWC.”

For more information about Mosaics new vision and missions, please visit: or download pdf at:


“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” – John 13:34-35


  • Grace Moon (wife) and two children: Eugene (son, 1987) & Erica (daughter, 1989)




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