The Third Breath with Dr. Gitane, Ph.D. MFT

In the course of this 8-week program, we will address concerns such as retirement, loss of partner and friends due to illness or death, changing relationships with siblings and adult children. Plus, reflections and questions about meaning, purpose, and new direction in these eldering years. We will also address the additional impact of the pandemic on one’s personal life and relationships.

Mondays on Zoom
September 20 – November 15
10 am – 12:30 pm

Our Integrated Spirituality offerings are provided on a sliding scale. While some of our offerings have instructor fees, cost is never a barrier at DCC. We invite you to pay what feels comfortable for your budget. If you pay less than the full fee, the scholarship fund will pay the balance to the instructor.

You are also invited to make a donation to the scholarship fund if you wish to Pay It Forward so that others may participate.

Register here.

Should you need assistance with registration, please contact Elisa Stone at (530)753-2894.

Dr. Gitane, Ph.D., MFT is a local psychotherapist, life coach, and educator. She hosts a radio program, Heart to Heart with “Dr. G” on KDRT – Davis 95.7 FM, Wednesdays 12 – 1 p.m.


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