Timm Herdt: Statewide Ballot Measures

There are 12 statewide propositions on the ballot this year. A couple are reasonably straightforward, but there are several that are complex and controversial. Timm Herdt will explain each proposition, provide some context, and review which groups are supporting and opposing each measure. Timm suggests you have your voter guide on hand so you can refer to it and make notes. 

Timm Herdt is a retired political reporter and columnist for Scripps Howard News Service who spent the last 20 years of his career working out of Sacramento covering California public affairs and politics. He won numerous awards for reporting in a variety of subject areas, including business, the environment, health care, and explanatory journalism. For many years he presented similar sessions for the Ventura County League of Women Voters. The videos were distributed to League chapters around the state and shown on local public-interest TV channels. Timm lives in Davis with his wife, Julie, who works on the church staff.

See the presentation here. 

Timm recommended Ballotpedia for non-partisan information on the ballot measures. 

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