Young Adult: Flo CoLab

*Introducing* Florilegium collaborative: a place for young(ish) adults to explore Christian faith in a supportive space. Affectionately called Flo CoLab, we collectively decide the subjects and materials we want to study together as we each seek to understand and practice our faith. We aim to be rooted in and wrestling with this faith, to explicitly consider multiple perspectives, and to build community. While we may study deep topics, we also focus on building relationships and having fun. We welcome young(ish) adults and early(ish) career folks to our Monday night meetings (currently via Zoom). Childcare will be offered when we resume meeting in-person for those parents needing it.
Our next study begins Monday, May 3 and runs 10 weeks. We will be reading Decolonizing Christianity: Becoming Badass Believers by Miguel A. De La Torre. If you are interested in joining us, grab a copy of this hot-off-the-press book and please email Pastor Eunbee at for further details.

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