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Meet DCC's staff and Session. We're regular folks, just like you.

DCC's Session Elders: Kwabena Asante, Brad Barber, Zoe Tilton, Alf Brandt, Hannah Bartram, Jan Soller, (Wes Nordman--Pastor), Deborah Luthi, Joe Yun, (Emily Henderson--retired), Sallie-Grace Tate, and Alisha Woo. Not pictured are Maria Cartwright and JoAnn Diel (clerk)

Our Session

the governing body of the church

DCC's Session Elders, left to right: Kwabena Asante, Brad Barber, Zoe Tilton, Alf Brandt, Hannah Bartram, Jan Soller, (Wes Nordman--Pastor), Deborah Luthi, Joe Yun, (Emily Henderson--retired), Sallie-Grace Tate, and Alisha Woo. Not pictured are Maria Cartwright and JoAnn Diel (clerk).



  • Rev. Wes Nordman

    Interim Pastor

    Rev. Wes Nordman grew up in Manteca, California, and his early spiritual experiences were shaped by the Pentecostal tradition of his family and church. As a young adult, he had a crisis of faith and left the church. Gradually, through exposure to existentialist philosophy and the discovery of Reformed theology, he found a faith that resonated with him.

    Wes attended Princeton Theological Seminary, mostly to explore his spiritual interests but also to avoid going to work, graduating with a Master of Divinity Degree. He was ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament at Stockton First Presbyterian Church in 1993.

    In his 30 years of ministry, Wes has served churches in Seattle, nearby Dixon, Utah, and most recently Sacramento. He has also served as the Bridge Executive Presbyter for the North Central California Presbytery.

    Wes’ interests include existential theology and psychology, as well as via negativa spiritual practices. He has been married to his wife, Shelby, for over 30 years, and they have four adult children, one grandchild and one incredibly demanding dog.  Envelope

  • Emma Turnbull

    Minister of Music and Liturgy

    Emma is from Edinburgh, Scotland and studied voice and piano at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire and the University of British Columbia. She holds a Master of Music Degree in Operatic studies and sang professionally for fifteen years in the UK Europe and South America upon graduating. She was the Director of Music at St. Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral, Edinburgh for 14 years and ran a successful vocal studio. Emma enjoys a wide variety of worship styles and music, and is acutely aware of the important role music plays within the service and the way it should be communicated within a worship setting. Emma also took part in DCC's Anti Racism Training and is committed to bringing about cultural and structural change in religious Institutions. Emma’s husband Juan works for the Consulate of Mexico and they have a daughter, Carmen.  Envelope

  • Kate Boxeth

    Minister of Youth and Children

    Kate started working with young people when she was young herself! Since 2003, Kate has worked with IVCF, PCUSA’s Young Adult Volunteer Program, and a large non-denominational church in Portland, OR with children, middle and high school, college students, and international ministry. She earned a Master of Divinity from Portland Seminary in 2011. In 2013, She joined staff at Davis Community Church as the Minister of Children and Youth. Kate enjoys singing, hiking, playing Ultimate Frisbee, theorizing about the future of the Christian church, and the occasional strategy board game. She and her husband, Tim, have three children: Allie, Lindsay, and Daniel Envelope

  • Stephen Moon

    Pastor of Mosaics

    Dr. Stephen Moon's journey from a Korean immigrant to Hawaii in 1983 is a powerful testament to the transformative potential of embracing diversity. Fueled by a profound conversion experience, he pursued higher education and theological training in San Francisco with a clear goal: dedicating himself to full-time ministry. As a children's and youth pastor, he developed a passion for serving unchurched second and third generations of Asian-Americans in culturally diverse neighborhoods.

    Today, alongside his ministry partner and wife, Grace, Stephen leads Intercultural Mosaics, NWC, a visionary initiative promoting diversity through cross-cultural, multi-ethnic churches catering to Millennials and Gen Zers in the City of Davis and Sacramento Metropolitan Area. His impressive educational journey includes degrees from San Francisco State University, San Francisco Theological Seminary, and the Berkeley School of Theology at GTU, demonstrating his commitment to excellence.

    Stephen is a dynamic transformational leader, known for his roles as an intercultural catalyst, evangelist, and Mosaics pastor. His diverse talents as a graphic artist, musician, and mentor enable him to nurture communities where Millennials develop their spiritual gifts and emerge as influential leaders, driving positive change. His lifelong fascination with diverse cultures has culminated in a metaphorical vision of assembling mosaic pieces to create harmonious communities, making him a shining example of embracing diversity and fostering inclusion. Envelope

  • Brian Borhany

    Communications Assistant

    Brian manages DCC's worship and event communications. He joined the staff in 2021, helping to run the church's YouTube streams as well as providing childcare. Brian has extensive experience and skill with technology. Since 2020, he has handled IT and marketing for Second Chance Education, a nonprofit that works with refugees and low-income individuals to find education and employment in Sacramento. Brian is an undergraduate student at UC Davis studying international relations. Envelope

  • Deborah Jory

    Administrative Assistant

    Deborah is an ordained elder at DCC; she’s been part of our ministry since 2003. She understands our mission and ministry and enjoys deep and broad relationships among our members and leaders. In addition, she has vast experience working with community organizations that serve those challenged by mental illness, substance abuse, economic insecurity and homelessness. For a number of years she ran her own business downtown. In her personal time, Deborah enjoys hiking, bird watching, and volunteering.  Envelope

  • Brett Kersten

    Minister of Finance

    Brett Kersten, DCC’s Minister of Finance, has extensive experience in non-profit accounting, having served both Cal Aggie Christian Association and the Bread of Life Center. Brett is responsible for financial accounting, payroll administration and financial reporting. His educational background focused on computer science and database management. He has also pursued graduate work in counseling and holistic health. Brett works 30 hours per week and is in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.  In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Elizabeth Fulmer, and family, running the greenbelt, riding his bicycle, building computers, cooking plant-based meals, reading, meditating, and spending time with their goofy cat, Skitter.  Envelope

  • Michael glick


    Michael Glick holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from UC Santa Cruz and a master's degree in organ performance from the San Francisco Conservatory. He is delighted to have been selected as DCC's organist. He has served in this capacity in the past and feels particularly blessed to serve here in Davis. This ministry of music is one that he feels especially called to. 

  • Dave Roberts

    Maintenance Staff

    Dave is our maintenance man extraordinaire!

  • Aaron Stratton-Quirk

    Facility Attendant

    Aaron works to set up events and make the campus welcoming to visitors. He grew up in Davis and worked for the California Conservation Corps. He does landscaping locally and enjoys camping, biking, reading, video games, swimming and rivers.