age and stage groups and Support Groups

We all grow best when we meet people who are different from us; when we encounter new perspectives and try on new ideas. That's what ministry groups and classes are for! The age ranges listed are flexible; no one will ask for
your ID! What's important is that we find ways to make connections and build meaningful relationships. 

Choose what kind of group you'd like according to your season of life.

CA House

our campus ministry

DCC partners with CA house to reach out to students on the UC Davis campus.

As a progressive campus ministry, Cal Aggie Christian Association embraces and serves students of all faiths and strives to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding.  CA House offers a caring, inclusive community where all students can engage in open discussion and exploration of questions of faith, vocation, personal identity, and growth. Guided by their core values – Community, Faith, Social Justice, and Sustainability – they actively seek opportunities to promote peace, justice, and the well-being of all people.

Flo Colab

20s to 4os

At Florilegium Collaborative, we blossom together. Specifically, we seek to understand and practice our faith together. We aim to be rooted in and wrestling with this faith, to explicitly consider multiple perspectives, and to build community. We are committed to collectively deciding the subjects and materials we want to study together. While we may study deep topics, we focus on building relationships and having fun. We welcome young(ish) adults to our Thursday night meetings.
Childcare is available with advance notice. 

Contact Pastor Eunbee.


Intercultural learning

Moved by a love of Christ, Mosaics brings fresh expressions of the Body of Christ to meet the spiritual needs of multi-ethnic Millennials and Gen-Zers so that they can be transformed for Christ’s ministries of compassion, justice, peace, healing and environmental stewardship for the world.

Mosaics offers language classes via Zoom in multiple languages! See their schedule here.


carving out time for community

It's no secret that life gets real real in your 40s and 50s. Career transitions, kids getting older, caring for elderly parents, planning for retirement, and a myriad of other life circumstances stack up for an intimidating responsibility sandwich. The "Real Timers" meet only once a month for this very reason. Carve out the time to meet with us, and we think you'll be glad you did.

Real Timers

40s and 50s

A monthly gathering made for busy folks in their 40s and 50s to pause and check in with their faith, their personal development, and their community. Life moves fast, and changes often, and it's so valuable to reflect and share with others in a similar life stage. We often learn more about ourselves when we listen to each other. 

Merge out of the Fast lane...

and join us for a brunch

Each month we slow down and connect over a potluck of tasty brunch items!

If you love food, friends, and thought-provoking questions, you'd love meeting with us! We meet on the first Saturday each month for food and discussion. But we don't stop there. Our members also host events of interest: disc golf, hikes, game nights, meeting at the Market, Picnic Day, etc. Because it's important to take time to unwind. 

Contact Amanda to learn more.

60s and up

groups for the fun of retirement!

Retiring from work is a new commitment to exploration and adventure! 

Check out the groups dedicated to this magical new chapter of life. 

All comers

60s and up

All Comers began when their kids were young ones. The kids have grown and the nests are (mostly) empty. Newcomers are welcome! There are dinner groups and a few gatherings each year. Watch the e-news for upcoming events and opportunities to connect!

Prime timers

for the happily retired

The Prime Timers is a fellowship group inviting retired or nearly retired folks to share a meal once a month in a small group. 6 or 7 groups of 8-10 people make up the entire group which meets for a welcome lunch in September and a Christmas Party in December. Check our Events or Contact Sue Larsen or Kathy Tyzzer for more info.

Parents of

Exceptional kids

Support Group

Often when a child is diagnosed with developmental, behavioral, or learning issues, parents feel all alone. You are not alone. This group meets monthly to learn from and support one another in the experience of parenting exceptional kids in a world designed for typical kids.

If you wish to join via Zoom you must sign up in advance. A Zoom link will be provided in your registration confirmation. Please sign up here

If you plan to attend in person, there is no need to sign up in advance. Just come to the group!