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  • Cafe Justo

    Mark Adams and Miriam Adams-Moldanado Escobar founded the innovative Cafe Justo with a mission to provide coffee farmers in Chiapas an avenue to sell their products for a more just return. Cafe Justo assures farmers a better rate of return and this helps stabilize their families and helps them avoid the migrant life. The Cafe is also a safe place — free of drugs and alcohol. And it provides jobs and training for those who otherwise can’t find work. The coffee is shade-grown, 100% organic coffee. All revenues go to the grower’s cooperative in Chiapas and the communities involved in the roasting and shipping of coffee. Coffee growers receive a fair price for their coffee and medical and retirement benefits. Purchases help support spin-off jobs and economic development south of the border as this enterprise continues to grow. In short, it is all good!

    Orders are available on Sundays in the back of the Sanctuary once they arrive toward the end of the month and then in the church office during business hours.

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    We partner with the border ministry, Frontera de Cristo. This Arizona based ministry began about thirty years ago. Their Migrant Resource Center advocates for those who have been recently deported from the US. They welcomed over 80,000 people in the first 10 years of existence. The center is a real sanctuary where people will listen to their stories and assure them that God cares for them and that their lives and the pursuit of justice matter.

    Mark and Miriam Adams-Modano are our mission co-workers leading this dynamic, courageous, and compassionate ministry. See their “greeting” here.  Miriam works to help the families of the church, community, and schools grow their own food, increasing their nutrition possibilities and connection to God’s creation and one another. They also founded Cafe Justo! See below for more on that. We take trips to Frontera de Cristo about every two years. 

  • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

    The Presbyterian church has a long, rich history of helping people when disaster strikes. Our congregation is proud to continue that tradition with frequent service projects. Most recently, we've partnered with Paradise, CA, to help rebuild after the devastating fires in 2018. We have sent multiple teams, and continue to partner with Tiny Homes for Paradise. Learn More about the national Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.