Our Core Values

because clarity is kind

  • Jesus Matters

    Jesus shows us what God is like. His ministry of love and truth-telling, healing and belonging, justice and liberation guide our community life. Whether you are a skeptic or a lifelong Christian, we respect and encourage diverse understandings and relationships to Jesus in our community.

  • Scripture Matters

    We believe that the bible is a beautiful, complex, and challenging collection of ancient sacred texts. Scripture has a central place among us—it invites us to listen to the Spirit and learn from ancient faith communities as well as discern how the scriptures are relevant to our lives today. We are committed to helping our community develop the critical tools to analyze and interpret the scriptures in ways that deepen our curiosity about God and cultivate love for the places and people around us.

  • Diversity Matters

    You are welcome to bring your whole self–age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, your emotional, mental, and physical self. We promise to live into our antiracist values and to celebrate everyone’s full identity as beloved children of God.

  • Community matters

    We believe in a relational God who invites us to be in relationship with one another. Community is one of the most profound places where we encounter the depths of human vulnerability and brokenness as well as the transformative power of love and solidarity. Understanding both our collective power and vulnerability, we will collaboratively live into grace and prophetic courage, forgiveness and accountability, justice and restoration for the well-being of the world.

  • Disagreement Matters

    While we come from the Reformed and Presbyterian tradition, our beliefs are diverse and inclusive. We seek to honor people’s unique spiritual journeys. We recognize power dynamics and painful histories that call us to reflect critically on our theologies and spiritual practices toward creating a more accessible, inclusive, and courageous community growing in God’s ever-expanding love. We believe that disagreements can be healthy and that conflicts can strengthen relationships, expand our perspectives, and help us lean into creative solutions.

Our vision

Back in 2018, we embarked on a journey to articulate our 10-year vision.

We called it Vision 2028, and everything we do is guided by it.

Vision 2028

Our Story

Much like a seed grows into a tall tree, DCC has been growing for a long time. Our church was founded in 1864, back when Davis was called Davisville! Today, we are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Our first building was built on the northeast corner of 4th and E. The "University State Farm" (now UC Davis) didn't begin until 1908!

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